YouTube Music: what are the differences between the free and premium version

Surely you will think that it is an unbalanced comparison, since most prefer a premium version than the free one, this due to its great benefits, however, there are music playback platforms that charge you a lot of money but offer very little.Youtube music will be the exception? It is something that from Depor we will explain it immediately.

Before we begin, what is YouTube Music? Basically, it is a music streaming platform that has become an important outreach tool for established artists and those who are just starting out.

It also allows you to watch music videos that have just been released, but, here come the main differences, Should you hire YouTube Music Premium and replace its free version? Now we will detail the characteristics of each one.

Differences between the free and premium version of YouTube Music

Youtube music Free Premium
Removal of ads when you listen to music or watch a video. No Yeah
Music will continue to play when you lock your phone or switch apps. No Yeah
You find the songs of all the artists and groups that exist in the world. Yeah Yeah
You find songs from the album itself and live. Yeah Yeah
Function to know which song or artist are the most popular in your country and in different parts of the world. Yeah Yeah
Excellent sound quality with the smartphone’s speakers and headphones. Yeah Yeah
Download songs to listen to them without internet. Yeah Yeah

Finally, remember that when you subscribe to the premium version of Youtube music You will receive a free trial month, then you pay monthly 16.90 soles in the case of Peru. If you are not satisfied with the services, you can cancel the subscription at any time and the application will even send you a reminder 7 days before the end of the trial.

Know the number of years of update that your Android phone has


  • Android Updates: Three years.
  • security updates: Five years in the Google Pixel 6.


  • android updates. Up to four years for the high-end, such as: the Galaxy S line, Galaxy Z, Galaxy Tab S and some Galaxy A. Three years for upper-middle-range mobiles and two years for the mid-range.
  • security updates. Up to five years for high-end models and four years for the rest.


  • android updates. Three years for the Xiaomi 11T and two years for the rest.
  • android updates. Four years for the Xiaomi 11T and two years for the rest.


  • android updates: Four years for certain high-end mobiles from 2023. Three years for the rest.
  • security updates: Up to five years on certain high-end cell phones.


  • android updates: Three years for the latest Vivo X and two years for the rest.
  • security updates: Three years for the new Vivo X.

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