Xiaomi Smart Band 8 is officially launched: features of the new watch

Xiaomi has renewed its most popular smart bracelet in the world: now it is called Xiaomi Smart Band 8same that you can not only wear it on your wrist, but, if you need it, you can hang it from your neck and even play with it.

This device is much thinner than the previous one, but it has the same screen with 48 x 22.5 x 10.99 mm and 27 grams of weight. It also has a 1.62-inch screen with 60 Hz AMOLED technology.

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Its battery is 190 mAh and its charging time is 1 hour, but the bracelet can be on for about two weeks without touching the plug, even it supports Android 6.0 and iOS 12.0. It also adds an optical heart rate and blood oxygen sensor, a six-axis motion sensor, and is compatible with 150 different sports modes.

Technical sheet Xiaomi Smart Band 8: Features

  • DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT: 48 x 22.5 x 10.99 mm with 27 grams of weight (bracelet only)
  • SCREEN: 1.62″ AMOLED with 60Hz
  • RESOLUTION: 490x192px
  • GLOW: 600 nits
  • CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth 5.1
  • COMPATIBILITY: From Android 6.0 and iOS 12.0
  • BATTERY: 190mAh. Charging time (1 hour)
  • SENSORS: Optical heart rate and blood oxygen sensor, six-axis motion sensor

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