Xbox Series S Carbon Black: price, storage, RAM and comparison with the original model

in the most recent Xbox Showcase, Microsoft stunned the gaming world by introducing a special version of the Xbox Series S, called Carbon Black. This edition offers 1 terabyte of storage space and notable improvements over the Xbox Series X. Listed below are these upgrades that make the Xbox Series S Carbon Black a desirable option for gaming enthusiasts.

Xbox Series S Carbon Black it has a modern matte finish and its price is the main attraction for the Microsoft gaming community. The console pre-orders for $349, around $30 less than you’d pay for a standard 512GB Xbox Series S.

For the rest, we tell you that the power is the same because they share the same hardware. You’d only be paying for the design that reminds us of the Xbox 360 era, where white launch consoles were finally complemented by a glossy black redesign.

The Xbox Series S Carbon Black It will hit the international market from September 1. The equipment comes with the controller and you can add more items to your purchase such as the Xbox Wireless Headset and the Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C.

We share the link purchase in case you dare to play a few games in Microsoft’s new bet for those who are not willing to spend more than 500 dollars on a console. A cheaper option is always good to avoid missing out on future exclusive releases for next-generation consoles.

Technical sheet of the Xbox Series S Carbon Black

  • Processor: the team comes with a custom 8-core AMD Zen 2 processor.
  • Graphics: incorporates a custom AMD RDNA 2 GPU with 20 compute units and a clock speed of up to 1.565 GHz.
  • Resolution: users will be able to play at a maximum resolution of up to 1440p.
  • Storage: the solid state drive (SSD) is 1TB.
  • RAM: It has 10 GB of GDDR6 RAM.
  • backward compatibility: you will be able to play Xbox One, Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles.
  • Ray tracing: you will have an improvement in lighting, reflections and visual effects in compatible games.
  • Audio: support for spatial sound and Dolby Atmos technology, providing a high-quality, immersive audio experience.
  • Connectivity: It includes HDMI 2.1, USB 3.1, Ethernet, Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth ports, allowing for a fast and stable connection to other devices and online services.

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