Why you should stop verifying your accounts with SMS and use this safer option

The cybercriminals They are the order of the day, so a simple password is no longer enough to keep our accounts on social networks safe. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is essential for any digital activity of a user. Although the process via SMS is getting easier, authenticator apps are more effective in preventing leaks.

It happens that the cybercriminals they use data leaks with public records or social engineering to obtain different phone numbers, with which they then bribe operators to transfer that number to a duplicate SIM card. This will allow them to receive verification codes by SMS, and thus enter various accounts.

Phishing by SMSor also called smishing, is another method that seeks to steal personal and financial data. This can be used as extortion, where the criminal threatens his victim to leak confidential information if he does not deposit a set amount.

It should be noted that SMS messages occur within unencrypted channels, this means that they could be read by anyone motivated to intercept them. Likewise, there is a time interval in which the code navigates until it reaches the user’s device. In this period, there are factors that take advantage of this vulnerability.

Advantages of using an effective authentication app

“Not only are they faster and more reliable than SMS verification, but they also They offer an additional layer of security. Since, you can configure the level of protection to your liking, such as applying an access code, a password or fingerprints”says Julio Seminario, a cybersecurity expert at Bitdefender Peru.

In addition, these applications work locally, which means generating codes automatically, after the countdown timer expires, without running the risk of being intercepted. Except when they are infected with some type of malware to steal data.

“It is recommended to use trusted 2FA apps like those from Google and Microsoft, as well as iPhone users use the built-in iOS authenticator. However, keep in mind that this does not protect against malware, so consider using an effective cybersecurity solution to protect all your data on any device.”concluded the specialist.

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