Why it is not recommended to chat on WhatsApp with someone who uses WhatsApp Plus

They have almost the same name, logo, appearance, functions, etc., but they are not the same, WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Plus They are two completely different software: the first is a fast messaging platform managed and developed by the company Meta; On the other hand, the second one is a modified program of the original application that we have just mentioned, although with a greater number of tools and tricks.

Clarifying this point, surely you will think that WhatsApp Plus It is a better option and offers you better benefits, because we told you that you would be about to make a serious mistake. Why? Simple, if Meta detects that you have been using it, it could suspend your WhatsApp number temporarily or permanently.

In addition, there are other risks to consider, such as: that you do not have end-to-end encryption, it means that anyone could see your messages because they are not encrypted. Remember that WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Plus users can chat with each other through their respective platforms, but did you know that talking to someone who uses the APK represents a danger to your data? It is something that from Depor we will explain below.

For these reasons you should not chat with someone who has WhatsApp Plus

  • Less security and privacy of the information you share.
  • Although both platforms include the same functions, whatsapp plus It takes advantage because users can view deleted messages again “For everyone”, this without you noticing.
  • If you send a photo or video with the function called “View only once”, it would not make much sense for you to use it with a client of the “Plus” version, since it could have activated that tool with which you can see your media file the times you want.
  • WhatsApp Messenger does have end-to-end encryption, but content encryption is lost when chatting with a contact that uses the “Plus” service. Remember that the APK does not have encrypted chats.
  • What consequences are there? that anyone would be able to read, see and listen to everything that is sent, even the developers of WhatsApp Plus.
  • How to know if someone uses WhatsApp Plus? is one of the most frequently asked questions, although it is not known exactly if your contact has downloaded the APK, you can start to suspect the following signs:
  1. Never read messages or play group voice notes (read receipt).
  2. It never appears online.
  3. The word “Writing” or “Recording audio” does not appear when it answers you.
  4. Download your statuses and post them to your story.

What does the number “o53” mean in WhatsApp

  • In order to know what the number “o53” means, it is necessary to go to TikTok.
  • Through it we can know all the meanings of these secret messages.
  • In the case of “o43″ it is related to the letter “E”.
  • In this regard, if someone places that code in their Instagram stories or WhatsApp States, it is related to the lyrics of your partner or your “crush”.
  • That means that if your ‘better half’ is called “Elizabeth” or “Emilio”, you can use “o43″.
  • If no one understands it, it is better to explain it to someone else so that you can continue with the trend.
  • There are also other numbers such as “o22” which means “A” or “o99” which is “C”
  • If your partner asks you, say so.

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