WhatsApp: why you can’t see videos in the latest update

WhatsApp has not only one version, but up to three apps: the first one is the standard version and the one that many use, the other one is WhatsApp Betawhich tends to have the latest functions in advance, and the third is WhatsApp Businessdeveloped for those who have a business.

if you use WhatsApp Beta It is possible that if someone sent you a video, you have not been able to see it. Instead you will see a circle of charge. This is due to an error after receiving the update and that does have a solution.

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It should be noted that WhatsApp Beta It’s for those users who generally want to always receive the latest features, but it’s also full of certain bugs that disrupt our conversations.

Why can’t you see videos on WhatsApp after updating?

  • The reason is because there is a fairly notorious error in WhatsApp Beta.
  • As it is an early version, it may be full of bugs and that will lead to certain functions not being fully prepared.
  • It’s in the case of videos: if you tried to open one, you’ll see a loading bar appear.
  • But the clip will never play.
  • Among the solutions is to make a backup.
  • Then you will have to delete WhatsApp and then download the APK using this link.
  • That version is the most stable and is not beta.
  • In another case, if you do not want to download it, you must wait for a new update of the application.
  • Also, so that you avoid receiving WhatsApp updates that may have errors, you can exit the Beta whenever you want.
  • Of course, if you leave the WhatsApp Beta, it will depend on whether or not there are vacancies for you to join.

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