WhatsApp: what it is and how to solve “no valid QR code was detected”

WhatsApp It is bringing a lot of news with its latest updates, because in it you not only have the particular option of sending video messages, new emojis, posting voice notes in your states and soon you will be able to edit all the messages you want. However, there is a detail that you should take into consideration.

But in the last few days an error has occurred from the users. Well, when you want to log in WhatsApp Web or in another terminal, a message appears “No valid QR code detected” message. What should you do if you are shown this information? Here at Depor we will tell you so you don’t have problems.

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Remember that this error can be displayed most of the time and it is not something serious or that you are going to lose your conversations in no time.

How to fix “No valid QR code was detected” in WhatsApp

  • If WhatsApp showed you the message “no valid QR code was detected”, then you have to do this.
  • Maybe the QR code is expired and that’s why you can’t scan it. It is preferable to wait for another to arrive.
  • On the other hand, your camera may be dirty and not detect scanning objects.
  • It is for this reason that it is always good to wipe it to prevent it from happening.
  • In case you have placed a mica on the lenses, it will also be better that you remove them since they tend to generate a bounce of light.
  • Whether on the cell phone or on WhatsApp Web, if the error continues to appear, it is always best to restart your phone so that you do not have problems.
  • And another is that you can use the main camera of your smartphone, so that when it detects it, a message will appear that will take you directly to WhatsApp.

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