WhatsApp: what does the number “4444” mean in your conversations

WhatsApp It keeps filling up with features. In the quick messaging application we can find new emojis, in addition to the possibility of uploading a document with a weight of 2 GB, having the possibility of calling whoever we want totally free, among others. But there are other people who are dedicated to sharing secret codes.

One of those numbers is “4444″. It’s something bad? Not at all. In WhatsApp A lot of codes that were first on TikTok have gone viral. There people simply used the hashtag with the message, but little by little it has moved to the Meta platform.

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If you don’t know what it really means, don’t worry, because today we will clear all your doubts. And if you are a parent checking your child’s cell phone to find out who they are talking to, don’t be surprised if you see the number “4444″.

What does the number “4444” mean in WhatsApp

  • The number “4444″ has nothing to do with a long sentence, on the contrary, it is quite a short sentence.
  • This has gone viral especially for lovers on WhatsApp.
  • If you have not used it, here we tell you what it is.
  • The number “4444″ wants to express “You made me change”.
  • This, unlike others, is already in Spanish and does not have an English translation.
  • You can use it, for example, in phrases like “My life has given a change 4444″ or “You have filled my life 4444″.
  • Remember to accompany your message with a WhatsApp call or video call to that person you like.
  • That way he or she will know that you are very interested in you and that you will protect him or her.

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