WhatsApp: what does the flaming heart emoji mean

Emojis are quite fun because they not only have various shapes, but they can also be used to decorate our conversations or simply joke about their meaning. Currently there are more than 700 emoticons in WhatsApp and each one draws more attention than others.

That is the case of the heart on fire. For some people it only means love on fire or that your heart is on fire as a result of some infidelity, but it is the opposite in WhatsApp. It is for this reason that today we will tell you its real meaning.

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In order to know for sure, we must resort to one of the pages that are responsible for explaining everything about the emojis that exist in the Meta app: emojipedia.

What does the flaming heart emoji mean in WhatsApp

  • Some people share heart on fire on WhatsApp just to express love, but actually it means other things.
  • The heart on fire is known in English as “Heart on fire”.
  • And it normally serves to express extreme or passionate forms of love or lust.
  • It is also related to the desire you feel when you see your partner.
  • The same website points out that another explanation is to burn a past love and move on.
  • Be that as it may, the heart on fire has some meanings that may vary depending on the context of your WhatsApp conversation.
  • “Heart on fire” or the heart on fire was added to Emoji 13.1 in 2020.

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