WhatsApp: what does the emoji of the woman with her hand to the side mean

WhatsApp Now it has the function to open your own account on 4 totally different smartphones and thus chat with anyone regardless of which mobile you are using or having the main one close to you. You also have the option to publish a series of audios in your states and thus spread your message.

But emojis have also been added. You now have over 720 emoticons currently representing a certain thing. Among them we find the yellow faces, professions, animals, fruits and vegetables. An emoticon that attracts attention is that of the woman who has her hand to one side, as if she were going to receive something in return..

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Do you really know what it means? Each emoji has an explanation, some more rare than others, but to find out what is necessary, you must resort to emojipediathe web that is in charge of analyzing all the icons that are in WhatsApp and those soon to be added.

What does the emoji of the woman with her hand to the side mean in WhatsApp

  • Remember that each emoji that exists in WhatsApp has a totally different meaning.
  • It is for this reason that we will resort to Emojipedia, a specialized website.
  • The woman with her hand to one side is known in English as Woman Tipping Hand.
  • This emoji is often explained as someone holding a plate or simply asking for a tip.
  • Likewise, according to the same source, he is waiting for change or a tip from some establishment.
  • In other cases it commonly expresses cheekiness or sarcasm.
  • There is also its form in masculine and binary.
  • The emoji of the woman with her hands to her side in WhatsApp was added to Emoji 4.0 in 2016.
  • Although most were unaware of the presence of this emoji, now that you know it, you will surely be able to use it more times in your WhatsApp conversations.

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