WhatsApp: what does the bandaged heart emoji mean

WhatsApp Not only does it have a series of quite functional details, but now it is possible to edit your messages, send audios that are only heard once, and even the possibility of having your account on four different phones. In addition to them, 21 new emojis have been added.

But there are not only hearts of WhatsApp of all the colors, but each one means a different thing. Unlike them, there is one called “bandaged heart”. What is it? Why is he with a series of Band-Aids? Well, here we tell you.

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In order to really know what it means, it is necessary to go to the website of emojipediawhich always tends to explain each of the emoticons that Unicode creates each year.

What does the bandaged heart emoji mean in WhatsApp

  • Many times this emoji is confused with one that expresses love, but it is the opposite.
  • WhatsApp has 720 emoticons and each figure has a different explanation.
  • But in the case of the bandaged heart it can mean a variety of things, but that will depend on the context in which you use it.
  • A bandaged heart represents that which is damaged.
  • In other cases it can be interpreted as being in recovery.
  • It also serves to express sympathy for someone who is going through a difficult time.
  • Even in the event that you have undergone an operation, it is also good to use this emoji.
  • Remember that you must really know what the WhatsApp conversation is about for its actual use.
  • The bandaged heart is also known as “Mending heart” in English.

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