WhatsApp: what does “o53” mean in your partner’s states

WhatsApp It continues to be one of the applications that has been updated much faster: new emojis have already been added and the function to send documents with a weight of up to 2 GB has even been enabled. But now young people have shared a series of rather strange codes.

In recent days, adolescents have published in their states of WhatsAppInstagram stories or TikTok Stories that many adult users do not understand. One of those codes is “o53″. Why has it become popular? Is it related to love?

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It is for this reason that today we will explain all the details of this number “o53” so that you know everything that your child or your friend shares. It should be noted that this code has nothing to do with hate.

What does the number “o53” mean in WhatsApp

  • In order to know what the number “o53” means, it is necessary to go to TikTok.
  • Through it we can know all the meanings of these secret messages.
  • In the case of “o43″ it is related to the letter “E”.
  • In this regard, if someone places that code in their Instagram stories or WhatsApp States, it is related to the lyrics of your partner or your “crush”.
  • That means that if your ‘better half’ is called “Elizabeth” or “Emilio”, you can use “o43″.
  • If no one understands it, it is better to explain it to someone else so that you can continue with the trend.
  • There are also other numbers such as “o22” which means “A” or “o99” which is “C”
  • If your partner asks you, say so.

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