WhatsApp: what does “o22” mean and why it went viral

WhatsApp continues to amaze its millions of users. It turns out that now you can not only send a simple text message, but delete it from the conversation and even edit it. Although this function will revolutionize the way you chat, there are aspects that you have to know. Have you seen some strange codes?

The youngest have created a series of numbers that are quite difficult to understand with the naked eye, but each of them determines a letter. What does “o22” mean in WhatsApp? Well, here we tell you so you don’t get confused.

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These codes have also been seen on Instagram and TikTok, especially in statuses or stories. Although it’s not a bad thing, Here we remove all possible doubts to explain more about the “o22”. Here we share the details.

What does the number “o22” mean in WhatsApp and Instagram

  • This new trend that was born in social networks other than WhatsApp, but that finally reached the states of the app.
  • It is a letter, in this case the “o”, and a number.
  • This number means a letter, in this case the initial of the person you love or would like to have a relationship with.
  • Such is the case of the number “o22″ which means “A”.
  • So if you share it in your WhatsApp status, you only have to place the code.
  • Anyone can be referred to.
  • Of course, the number or code “023” does not necessarily translate as “B”, on the contrary.
  • In the case of “B” it would be “o76″.
  • Do you want to know more about these numbers? Little by little we will tell you so that you do not have doubts on WhatsApp, Instagram or TikTok

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