WhatsApp Web: the trick to know how many contacts you have chatted with

It is a fact that the WhatsApp Messenger app for mobile devices is far superior to any of its versions, however, WhatsApp Web, the browser-compatible messaging service, has a function that no other has developed on its platform. We are talking about the function to know the total number of conversations you have so far. Do you want to know this information in a fairly simple way? ? From Depor we will explain it immediately.

As you remember, all versions of WhatsApp work simultaneously, what does this mean? For example: suppose that in the mobile app you delete a message, conversation or status, this will also be reflected in WhatsApp Web (it can happen the other way around), therefore, the number of conversations you have on one platform will also be the same on another.

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This information will be very useful for you to delete the chats that no longer have activity, as your backup copies will be made faster and will take up less space in Google Drive (the cloud). Now Gmail, Google Photos and Drive share 15 GB of storage free, if you consume all of it you would have to pay for more space.

The guide to know how many contacts you have chatted with on WhatsApp Web

  • First, from your PC or laptop, open Google Chrome and download the extension named “WA Web Plus”, you get it quickly through the “Chrome Web Store” or by clicking on the following link.
  • The extensions are some programs for browsers, this is responsible for adding functions to a certain platform to improve the user experience.
  • In this case you will have new tools in WhatsApp Web.
  • At the top right (next to your Gmail profile photo), a puzzle icon will be enabled, press it > extensions will be displayed > find WA Web Plus and fix it (by touching the pin).
  • Open the WhatsApp Web page and link your account by scanning the QR code > click on the “WA Web Plus” icon in the browser (circled green cross).
  • Several options will be displayed. Press the tab “Statistics” which is located at the top.
  • Here you will see a pie chart. Add the data that says “Personal Conversations” and “Group Conversations”.
  • That is the exact number of chats you have on WhatsApp.

Why can’t you see the last connection time on WhatsApp Web

  • There are several reasons why you cannot see the last hour of your partner’s WhatsApp connection.
  • One of them is that she or he decided to hide it from everyone.
  • For that you must go to Settings, Account, Privacy and Hide for all last connection time.
  • Another reason is that he does not have you scheduled in WhatsApp.
  • Just tell him to register your number and you’re done.
  • Also, that person may have removed you from their contacts.
  • As a last resort, they may have blocked you or changed their cell phone.
  • Always remember to keep in touch with him or her to avoid bad times.
  • Only use this WhatsApp trick as long as you know the real reasons why the last connection time is hidden.

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