WhatsApp: the truth behind the green circle in the profile picture

Many users are unaware of the updates of WhatsAppwhich now includes additional features such as new emojis, the ability to create stickers without external programs and other features.

This tool became fashionable at the beginning of the year and few people have tried it. If you are one of them, then it is time to put it into practice. On iPhone cell phones this circle of WhatsApp It tends to be light blue or blue, depending on the way you use your cell phone.

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It should be noted that WhatsApp will currently allow you to edit your sent messages, and will even add that function that Telegram does not have: the possibility for your contacts to listen to your voice note only once.

What does the green circle around the WhatsApp profile picture mean?

  • As we told you, this WhatsApp tool already has time.
  • But few have just realized it. Do you know what is it about?
  • In some devices this circle appears with cuts, and in other cases in light blue.
  • If you press on it you will be able to see the states of all your friends.
  • But not only the most recent, but the last ones that he has published in the past 24.
  • That way it will be faster to know what your contacts are doing.
  • In the event that you want that green circle to appear around your profile photo, you only have to publish a status.
  • That way go to a new message, write something to yourself and you will see your profile picture on the main screen of your chats.
  • Now you will check that you have the green or light blue circle.
  • Remember that WhatsApp states can now be photos, videos, and even audio.

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