WhatsApp shares the new security tools of 2023

Unquestionably, WhatsApp it has become the app of choice in the west for online communication. This Meta app offers various communication tools such as text messages, voice messages, photos, videos, stickers, GIFs, and more. Also, WhatsApp is always working on new features that are first tested in beta versions and then released globally.

For example, right now, users in Brazil can already make online purchases in the same application. The massification of this system in the world has not yet begun. Another of the changes that will arrive in the following weeks are video messages.

In the same style as voice messages, you can record a short video and send it through a chat instantly, without the need for a long loading time, like a traditional video. WhatsApp has managed to reduce this time by lowering the video resolution and encapsulating it in just one circle.

New layers of security

Regarding security, the year 2023 has begun with an update of all current systems and another batch has been added. On the app’s official blog, three major changes were announced.

Account Protection– When switching your WhatsApp account to a new device, an additional verification will be implemented to ensure that you are the owner of the account. This security feature prevents unauthorized attempts to transfer your account to another device.

device verification: Malware on mobile devices poses a threat to privacy and security. To combat this, automatic verifications are added that authenticate your account and protect you if your device is compromised, allowing you to use WhatsApp without interruption. More technical details are available on the corresponding page.

Automatic security codes: The security code verification feature ensures that you chat with the right contacts. Now, through “Key Transparency”, the process is facilitated and the secure connection is automatically verified. By accessing the encryption tab, you can quickly confirm the security of your personal conversation. For more technical information, go to following link.

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