WhatsApp presents its new tool “Keep in chat” to prevent messages from disappearing

WhatsApp, the popular mobile instant messaging app, has announced the launch of a new feature called “Keep in Chat” for iPhone Android and iOS devices. This tool allows users to mark temporary messages and decide whether to extend their lifetime or delete them after the set period has elapsed.

“HToday we’re introducing the “Keep in Chat” feature, which lets you keep texts you’ll need later, with a special super power for the sender. We believe that when you send a message, you should choose whether others in the chat can keep it for later.

For this to work, we’ll let you know when someone saves a message you sent, and you can override the decision. If you decide that no one can save your message, this decision will be final, so no one else will be able to keep it, and the message will be deleted when the timer expires. This way, you have the final say in how the messages you send are protected.”, details the WhatsApp development team.

How does “Keep in Chat” work?

This innovative feature gives users greater control over the privacy and permanence of their messages. The process is simple: when sending a temporary message, the sender can decide whether to allow other chat participants to keep the message. WhatsApp will notify the sender if someone saves a message they have sent, giving them the option to override that decision.

In case you select that no one can save messages, they will continue to work as before. They will simply be deleted once the time has expired and you don’t have to worry about someone copying or sharing it.

With the message retention function, WhatsApp continues to improve the experience for its users on Android and iOS, offering a greater level of control and privacy in their conversations. This update is already available in mobile application stores and its adoption is expected to be massive among users of the messaging platform.

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