Whatsapp Plus v17.36 news: download the latest version of the APK

WhatsApp not only does it have various tools that help many to make, for example, long-distance calls or video calls, create stickers without the need for other programs, etc., but it also whatsapp plus It is competing with more details than the app belonging to Meta. Which are?

As you know WhatsApp Plus v17.36 It has the same functions as WhatsApp, such as new emojis, the possibility of publishing your audios as states, formatting your chats, being able to delete your message for everyone, etc., but there is more.

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Remember that you should always have the latest version of the APK to avoid not only a possible ban on your account, but also not to be penalized by the app belonging to the Meta conglomerate.

Whatsapp Plus v17.36 What’s New: Latest APK Version

  • As you know WhatsApp Plus v17.36 has the same details as WhatsApp, especially the most classic ones.
  • However, it adds the function to change not only the header of the application, but the entire APK and thus enjoy a different style in each conversation.
  • In addition, a function awaited by several users has arrived, which is anti-banning. With it they will no longer suspend your account. Remember that if this is the case, you must contact WhatsApp using this link.
  • Another exclusive feature of WhatsApp Plus is that through the APK you can forward the messages you want, WhatsApp generally only gives you a maximum of 5.
  • One of the things that users who use WhatsApp Plus like is that, after you have installed the application, you will be able to know who has blocked you through a message.
  • The anti-deletion of messages has also been improved, so that you will be able to continue seeing the texts even though your friend has deleted them, including images and videos.
  • On the other hand, if you like it, you also have the option to download those statuses, photos that disappear and profile image so that you can keep them on your cell phone. The best thing is that these will be downloaded in high quality.
  • But best of all, you can keep those photos or videos that tend to disappear as soon as you open them.
  • There is also the tool that allows you to change the 6 emojis of the reactions.
  • To be able to download WhatsApp Plus v17.36 without banning problems, you just have to enter this link and then press the “Download” button.
  • Then perform the steps as if you were installing normal WhatsApp, but avoid doing it too quickly to avoid possible bans.
  • Also make sure you have the latest version because they can also suspend your account for having an old APK.

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