WhatsApp: how to read your messages without your contacts knowing

WhatsApp It has become that platform where many are, even from your family to your partner. Through them you can access a variety of new elements such as emojis, the option to edit your messages, among others. What if I don’t want my friends to see that I’m reading their messages?

Best of all, it is not necessary to have to download any third-party application, you just have to have WhatsApp fully updated so that you can get those functions that keep secret if you entered the app or not.

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Many times users tend to use WhatsApp Plus, but this time it is best to only use the original application, otherwise you may get banned and there is no guarantee that your account will be returned.

How to prevent your friends from knowing that you read their WhatsApp messages

  • The first thing will be to update WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone cell phone.
  • Then open the app and go to Settings.
  • At that moment you must click on Privacy.
  • There go to Last Time and online.
  • Define that nobody can see your last connection time and in “who can know if you are online” define that “same as the last connection time”.
  • Once you have both active, no one will know anymore that you have seen the messages of all your friends.
  • Now we go to Privacy and deactivate the “Read receipts”.
  • This is to avoid that when we read the WhatsApp chats of our friends, we do not see the double blue check.
  • Of course, the only thing that the other person can see is when we are writing.

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