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Do you want to make it special? A date in which many people enjoy spending time with their family and especially with their parent, is the Father’s day. Families can get together, eat or just spend time together in general. It is celebrated in many countries around the world, such as Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru or the United States, and this year it falls on the third Sunday of June, to be specific on the 18th. Millions of people will use WhatsApp to greet their father by text message during this important date. Here we leave you some ideas.

You just have to copy and paste some of the messages to send them to your parent, and they are all totally free. Ideally, in addition to text, you should use WhatsApp to make a call or video call.

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In the event that your dad lives far away or is not by your side, you can also send him a series of stickers to make him smile for him. Father’s day. If your grandfather is still with you, it would be good if you also dedicate something to him to surprise him. These messages have been extracted from Sports world.

Do not run out of ideas, therefore, choose a message from the list that we share with you from Depor so that you can dedicate it to your father on his special date. In the event that you cannot communicate directly with him, you can use WhatsApp.

The best WhatsApp messages for Father’s Day 2023

  • I am very proud to be able to say that I look even a little like you dad, you are an example to follow.
  • To you, dear dad, for being my great and only true superhero.
  • I am grateful every day of my life for being able to have a father as incredible as you.
  • I love you father, you have been the best example to follow that I could have.
  • When I doubt you advise me, when I am wrong you help me and you are always by my side when I call you. Thanks for everything, dad.
  • I can’t imagine a life without you. Thank you for your dedication, your support and infinite love, dad.
  • No matter how many different discussions and opinions we have, we will always be united.
These are some beautiful and original messages that you can send on WhatsApp this Sunday.  (Photo: MAG - Rommel Yupanqui)

These are some beautiful and original messages that you can send on WhatsApp this Sunday. (Photo: MAG – Rommel Yupanqui)

  • I can always count on your wisdom and the infinite love you give me, thank you for every father.
  • You have always taken me by the hand to face all the challenges of life, thank you dad.
  • You always tell me that you brought me into the world, but my world is your dad.
  • It is not difficult to be a good father, but there is nothing more complicated than being a good father and you are it.
  • Dad, you are the foundation of my life, the light of my path and the star that guides me. Happy Father’s Day!
  • Thank you dad for always being with me, for making me smile and being my tear cloth.
  • A good father is the one who treats your knee wounds as a child, shows you the way to go as you grow up, and lets you make your own decisions. And that’s you, dad.
  • Dear dad, on this very special day I want to express all my love and gratitude for being the pillar of our family, an example of strength and wisdom that inspires us every day.
  • Throughout the years, you have been my unconditional guide, supporting me and teaching me valuable life lessons that I treasure in the depths of my heart.
  • Your warm hugs and words of encouragement have always been my refuge in times of difficulty, reminding me that I am never alone and that I can overcome any obstacle that comes my way.
  • Your tireless dedication and sacrifice in search of a better future for our family are a testament to your immense love and unwavering determination.

Remember that in order to contact WhatsApp in case you have been blocked or simply have a problem with your device, you can use this link.

There a form will open for you to fill in all your personal information: including your real name, email, it can be your Gmail or any company, the country you are writing from, as well as your cell phone number, which must be accompanied by your country code. Then you must write your question. When you send it, WhatsApp will contact you through your cell phone with an automatic response so you can chat directly, and there is even an option to chat with someone real.


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