WhatsApp enables the online payment system but only in one country

WhatsApp It aspires to be a super application, functioning as a social network that allows carrying out different activities without leaving it. This model follows the example of various Chinese superapps that offer everything from internal markets to banking services to their users.

For now, Meta has made progress on the issue of online shopping with WhatsApp Business, which began its testing phase in India and Brazil. After several months of operation, now they go for payments in the same application.

This was announced by the company on the official development blog. In Brazil, users can search for a company, browse goods and services, add them to their cart, and make a payment.

Now it is possible to pay goods and services using debit, credit and prepaid Mastercard and Visa cards issued by the many participating banks at service. Small businesses using the WhatsApp Business app can link a compatible payment partner, such as Cielo, Mercado Pago, or Rede, and create an order within the application to accept payments from your customers securely”, WhatsApp details regarding payment methods.

Security in online payments

One of the reasons why this tool has not begun to spread worldwide is that they want payments to be secure. Credit or debit card numbers are encrypted and stored securely, WhatsApp explains.

All users must create a PIN code to complete any payment or transaction. In turn, the server in Brazil will make a customer service communication system available to users for any inconvenience that may appear during an online purchase.

We’re excited to hear how this service helps people and small businesses in Brazil connect on WhatsApp, and we look forward to bringing it to more types of businesses and countries in the future.”, ends the company blog.

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