What is the red bubble on the iPhone and when does it appear?

The iphone they have many icons whose function is to inform you that something has been activated in the system or that a particular action has been performed. In that sense, you may have seen a strange symbol, such as the red bubble that sometimes appears on mobile.

This indicator appears in the iPhone status bar at specific times, so it can generate some uncertainty about its origin, therefore, in SPORTS We explain what it means and when it manifests itself on the mobile.

Although this icon is little known, you should not be alarmed, since it does not indicate anything dangerous for your mobile device. In that sense, read in detail what its true meaning is so that you take it into account.

What is the red bubble of the iPhone

Surely you have noticed that on your iPhone a red bubble appears on some occasions in the status bar, precisely behind the time and it has caused you several doubts about its origin and meaning.

From now on we tell you that it does not indicate anything that is an emergency or alarm, since, according to Apple, this symbol appears every time your iPhone is recording a sound or the screen, in this way, you can make sure that the action is taking place. carrying out normally.

In this sense, when you stop recording the mobile screen, this indicator will disappear automatically, so you won’t have to carry out any procedure to turn it off or remove it from the status bar.

Despite the fact that the red color often reflects danger or an alert on smartphones, this time it is nothing more than a warning that a function is activated on the device, so you should not worry.

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