What is the number “o99” in WhatsApp and Instagram and what it means

WhatsApp It offers users a lot of features that few know about, for example, now you can share documents up to 2 GB in weight, also talk with 32 friends in a video call and post your voice messages as statuses. But there is something else, it is about the secret numbers.

One of them is the code “o99″ and, according to the website vipballthis trend is seen many in the states of WhatsApp and in Instagram stories, it is for this reason that today we will explain what the aforementioned number means so that you do not end up confused.

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It should be noted that this code “o99” It has nothing to do with evil to someone or hints, on the contrary, it can have a meaning of love and even sweetness on the part of the person who publishes it. At DEPOR we explain the true message.

What does “o99” mean on WhatsApp, Instagram and TikTok

  • There are several young people who have flooded social networks with the number “o99”.
  • Among the most used are WhatsApp, Instagram and TikTok.
  • But it’s clear that “o99″ means something. What is it? Here we explain it to you.
  • This code “o99″ is nothing less than the letter “B”.
  • The goal of the teens is to post the code on their WhatsApp statuses or Instagram stories for the other special person to see.
  • But it is not the only code. In general, after the letter “o” the number tends to vary and, accordingly, it would be another initial.
  • So if your ‘crush’ or partner is called Barbara, Bella, etc., you can post “o99″ anywhere.

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