What is the number “o24” in WhatsApp and why do lovers use it?

WhatsApp continues to add many more features on its platform for Android and iPhone smartphones. Through it you can now chat with yourself, send documents with a weight of less than 2 GB, publish statuses with a voice note, as well as improve your privacy.

However, there are young people who have begun to share the number “o24”, a rather rare code and that only the most adolescents know its meaning. Have you ever seen it in your states of WhatsApp or on Instagram stories? Well, here we explain it to you.

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Remember that it has nothing to do with something bad or a joke towards someone, on the contrary, it has to do with love or that it is related to your boyfriend or partner.

What does the number “024” mean in WhatsApp

  • If your partner or your loved one has started sharing strange codes on WhatsApp, here we tell you what it means.
  • Many times users think that it has to do with something really bad, but it is the opposite.
  • Those codes have been shared for the first time on Instagram, but on WhatsApp it has recently been viral.
  • In the case of the number “o24” represents the letter G
  • And it is shared because the challenge is to publish on WhatsApp or Instagram the code that represents the initial letter of the name of your loved one.
  • For example, if someone puts “o24” with the heart emoji on social networks, it means that person loves the other too much.
  • It can be used for names that start with “G” such as “Gabriela”, “Gabriel”, “Grimanesa”, etc.

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