What is the meaning of the blue bubble on the iPhone and why it appears

There are several symbols that have the iphone, since Apple has added them so that users know what is happening on their smartphones, whether they are the well-known blue and orange dots that appear sometimes, the icon of the moon, the padlock, among others. In that sense, you may be very curious about another indicator in particular, it is the blue bubble, located in the status bar.

This symbol sometimes appears behind the time at the top of the mobile device, so you may be wondering why it appears and what its true meaning is. In this sense, Apple’s guide explains in detail what the reason is.

According to the company, this event occurs for two reasons, although one does not indicate anything malicious, the second is probably not to your liking; However, you should not worry as you can perform some adjustments on your smartphone to fix it without any problems.

In that sense, since MAG we share you in detail what does the blue bubble mean iphone and why it sometimes appears in the status bar. Pay attention to the directions.

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What does the blue bubble on the iPhone mean?

Surely you have seen a blue bubble behind the time on the top bar of your iPhone. One of the first meanings is that your mobile device is using the Screen Mirroring function; that is, it is sharing the screen of your mobile to another device, such as the television.

To do this, you can use apps known as AirPlay to stream videos or mirror your iPhone or iPad screen. If you are using this tool, you will surely notice the blue bubble.

Another option is that an application is actively using your location, so you can make some adjustments to remove the permissions of the apps that are accessing your location and thus have more privacy.

In the case of the latter, you can check that the location moves depending on the direction in which you move. Remember that you can also disable this function by application.

This means the orange dot on your iPhone

If you have seen an orange dot located in the upper area of ​​your iPhone, surely you have many doubts about its meaning. Here we mention what it is about.

  • iPhones have different indicators to inform you about an event in the system, such as the orange dot that means that an application is using the microphone of your device.
  • Through this signal, you will be able to know if the application you are using is listening to your conversations, so you can take measures regarding your privacy.
  • Also, if you saw a green dot on your iPhone, it means that an app or tool is using your camera or it could be a combination of camera and microphone.
  • With these flags, Apple helps you know if the app you’re using is exceeding the permissions you gave it when you downloaded it, so you can take appropriate action.
  • Keep in mind that apps should only access your camera and microphone when you really need them to perform an action. For example, record an audio, make a call, among others.

What does the green dot on your iPhone mean?

  • The green dot, in the event that your cell phone has a notch, will appear in the corner of the notch.
  • If your device has the dynamic island, the green dot will be seen right in the middle of the hole.
  • The orange dot is related to an app having access to your microphone.
  • While the green dot means that an app is accessing your camera.
  • That way you will be informed about the uses you make on your iPhone.
  • If you don’t see any colored dots, it means that app doesn’t have access to anything extraneous.

Why does SOS appear on my iPhone?

If you have noticed that the SOS icon appears in the status bar of your smartphone, precisely in the upper right corner if you have an iPhone with iOS 16 and on the left side if you have an earlier version, do not be alarmed, this does not mean that you are in danger.

  • Apple set up this icon to let its users know that there’s something wrong with their network, which means you won’t be able to make or receive phone calls like you normally would.
  • However, you have the option of making emergency calls, whether they are ambulances, firefighters, police or a specialized emergency center, so you can make sure you have help at key moments.
  • Although this is the main reason for SOS to appear on the iPhone, there are other reasons, such as the SIM in your mobile has changed networks or it is not inserted properly. However, it can also mean that this card no longer works.
  • This symbol will disappear from your iPhone if you go to a coverage area, so you’ll be able to make phone calls again without any problems.

Why do I get a black bar on the iPhone?

There are various indicators on iPhone to let users know what action is happening on their devices. In this case, if you have seen a black bar in the address box of Safari, this indicates that private browsing has been activated.

This function allows you to keep your browsing data incognito, so the websites you visit will not be saved or shared with your other devices. In turn, Safari will not remember web pages or appear in your search history.

In that sense, when this mode is activated, the Safari address bar turns a dark hue, as opposed to the classic gray or white color that can mostly be seen.

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