What is the emoji that explodes your head in WhatsApp and why it causes intrigue

The angel wing, the raven, the moose, the trembling face, hearts of other shades, the maracas, among others, have already reached WhatsApp and they are part of the 21 emojis that are integrated into the already known 700. Each one has a different expression and figure.

However, there is one emoji in particular that draws the attention of users of WhatsApp: It is the icon of the face that explodes his head. Do you really know what it means? Well, to clear up your doubts, at Depor we will explain it to you.

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For this, it is necessary to resort to the Emojipedia website, the one that is in charge of giving details of all the emoticons that little by little are integrated into the fast messaging platform.

What does the emoji that explodes his head mean in WhatsApp

  • This emoji has a rather strange shape, since the emoticon that explodes its head has several meanings.
  • It is for that same reason that if someone sends it to you on WhatsApp, its interpretation will depend on the context.
  • In English it is known as Exploding Head
  • According to Emojipedia, this emoji expresses that something seems amazing to him.
  • It can also represent emotions such as shock.
  • In other cases it has the meaning of astonishment and disbelief.
  • You can even express that there is something that you thought was the best and that your expression shows how amazing it is.

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