What does the emoji of the face that has a hand on the forehead mean in WhatsApp

Not only WhatsApp It is an application that is used in Android terminals, but also in iPhones. In each of them there is a peculiarity in design, but they also have the same functions: one of them is to be able to publish voice messages in your states, have a text editor, among others.

But eCurrently there are more than 720 emoticons within WhatsAppwhich have various forms and even a series of meanings. What does the emoji of the face with the hand on the forehead mean? Well, it has several meanings and today we tell you.

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In order to know the meanings of the emojis, in addition to their interpretation, we must turn to Emojipedia, a well-known page that is in charge of always detailing all the icons that are added to the app belonging to the Meta conglomerate.

What does the WhatsApp emoji of the face with the hand on the forehead mean

  • This WhatsApp emoji can be known in English as Saluting Face
  • Therefore, it is often said that he is greeting, but it is not just anyone.
  • But the emoji is performing a military salute.
  • This smiley can mean a sign of respect
  • It is also used a lot when it is the Independence Day of a country, for example.
  • It also has a lot to do with the salute to the flag of each country.
  • The hand-on-forehead smiley was approved as part of Unicode 14.0 in 2021 and added to Emoji 14.0 in 2021.

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