What are the free paid Android games for today

It’s time to download more games on your phone Android. Google Play, Google’s virtual store, has paid titles available for free for a limited time. You will not need to enter additional credit card information. Here we provide you with the links so you can install them right now.

If you find something interesting in the list below but you know you won’t be using the app right now, install the app anyway, then delete it from your device. Android. In this way, the application becomes part of the application library and you can reinstall it for free when you need it. A good way not to miss a short promotion.

Free paid games on Android

  • space shooter (4.6 stars / $0.99 ): a top-down shooter that requires lightning-fast reflexes as you try to save the galaxy from annihilation.
  • Cartoon Craft (4.6 stars / $1.99 ): orcs against humans in a real time strategy game. Who will emerge victorious?
  • Live or Die Survival Pro (4.4 stars / $0.99 ): Can you keep your wits about you to survive in this zombie apocalypse environment?
  • oO (4.7 stars / $0.99 ): a minimalist endless dodge/run game where your little circle becomes an acrobatic star, jumping through hoops.
  • Merge Cafe (4.3 stars / $4.99 ): He just wants his town to thrive, and what better way to do that than to create a cafe that serves up treats? This is creating on a whole new level!
  • Stickman Legends (4.4 stars / $0.99 ): Battle your way through countless hordes of enemies as you level up and become more powerful.
  • Stunt Legend Epic Crash Racing (4.7 stars / $0.99 ): All the thrills and spills of stunt racing without risking life or limb.
  • Demon Hunter Premium (4.8 stars / $0.99 ): Hack and slash your way through hordes of enemies in this highly rated title.

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