Tuscan Spices Recipe

Ingredient Substitution

Tuscan Spicy Spice is extremely versatile. That’s why you can adjust the recipe as much as you want to suit your palate or your spiciness preferences. Also, depending on the dishes for which you are going to use it, you can make it more salty or softer.

Also, it may seem like the Tuscan Hot Spices recipe already has all the spices you need. But we know the perfect substitutes.


Marjoram and oregano are very similar in size, flavor, and texture. This is why they are used interchangeably in many recipes, and why oregano is the easiest substitute for marjoram.

You can use it just like marjoram, apart from adding a slightly less amount, as oregano has a stronger flavor, especially when dry. Therefore, use half the amount of marjoram.

Cayenne pepper

Since red pepper flakes are made from a combination of peppers, including cayenne pepper, using it alone as a substitute for red pepper flakes would be a great option. But, in fact, it is a more spicy and concentrated option.

Use ½ tablespoon of cayenne powder for every 1 tablespoon of red pepper flakes. But if you want the Tuscan hot spice to be a little milder, just don’t add any peppers. You already have the smoked paprika in the recipe.

Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds, native to the Mediterranean, are found in many parts of the world. It is also sometimes called sweet cumin because of its resemblance. However, fennel seeds have a mild, licorice-like flavor, with potent essential oils to top it off.

Aside from many culinary uses, fennel seeds have a number of health benefits. That is why we recommend using them not as a substitute for any of the herbs or spices, but as an addition.

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