Tricks to charge your iPhone in less time

do you use iphone continually? You may have to charge it every time to use it again without problems; however, this can take hours depending on the model you have, so charging the battery conventionally isn’t always a better option. The latter, because we do not always have the necessary time to wait for the mobile to be ready for use, especially if we are working or studying.

As is known, the new iPhone models have a much more optimized battery; however, we do not always have the option of buying a recent one, so in SPORTS We share some tricks so that you charge your mobile faster and you do not have to wait many hours.

Keep in mind that you must measure the time invested in using the iPhone, this is because the useful life of the battery has a limit and, over time, it tends to deteriorate after many hours of charging.

In that sense, before using these methods, make sure that you do not charge your iPhone all the time, this is because it could harm the health of the battery, so we recommend you to use the tricks occasionally. Pay attention to the directions so you don’t make mistakes in the process.

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How to charge the iPhone faster

Here we share some tricks to make your iPhone charge much faster.

  • If you have an iPhone 8 or later, you can charge up to half the battery in just 30 minutes. To do this, you need a USB-C to Lightning cable from Apple and a USB-C adapter from the same company.
  • In the event that your iPhone is from a previous model or you do not have the aforementioned elements, you can apply other alternatives such as charging your mobile without the case on, since this causes unnecessary overheating of the battery.
  • An additional alternative is to use an iPad charger since it would go from 5W to 12W, which would considerably increase the charging speed of your iPhone.
  • You can activate airplane mode to speed up the charging process of your iPhone, this is because the function disables various apps or tools that consume battery.
  • Another option is to charge your iPhone directly from the outlet and not in an external device, such as a PC, laptop or even an external battery, since it slows down this action.

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