Trick to lock WhatsApp with your fingerprint

From WhatsAppyou can apply different security options so that your conversations are more secure and nobody can enter your chats without your permission, therefore, one of the most effective alternatives is through fingerprints.

Through this measure, only you will be able to unlock WhatsApp with your fingers, so you will make sure that nobody accesses the app, if you leave your mobile anywhere and without a security code, which guarantees you greater protection quite simple and comfortable.

Let’s remember that the use of fingerprints to protect apps is something that came first on iPhone with Touch ID, it should be noted that now it is also possible to use it on Android. In SPORTS We share a guide with all the steps to follow.

How to lock WhatsApp with your fingerprint

If you are thinking of a more personalized method to protect your WhatsApp account, here we explain what you should do.

  • If you have Android, first, go to the “Settings” section in WhatsApp.
  • Then, tap on the “Account” section.
  • Among the options, click on “Privacy”.
  • After this, select “Fingerprint lock”.
  • Finally, activate this alternative.
  • In the case of your iPhone, you will have to use Touch ID.
  • To do this, go to “Settings” within WhatsApp.
  • Next, click on “Privacy”, followed by “Screen lock”:
  • Once done, choose “Touch ID”.
  • Select the desired amount so that WhatsApp is in the waiting time and that’s it.

With these steps, you can increase the security of WhatsApp in a fairly simple way.

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