Trick to know what an audio message says without listening to it in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is adding new emojis to its platform for iPhone and Android in order for you to add them to your conversations. The possibility of creating stickers with your Apple cell phone in an easy way, protecting your privacy, among others, was also added. But there is a detail that few have noticed.

This is the possibility of knowing what a message says without having to listen to it in person. WhatsApp. The trick is quite simple and fast. Usually people cannot hear a voice memo because they are in a public place or in the car and they are afraid that it is bad news or a joke.

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That is why today we will show you all the steps so that this message is transcribed into text without difficulty and so you can read what the text said. Of course, the other person will not find out anything.

How to transcribe a WhatsApp voice message to text

  • To begin with, you will need to download a third-party application to perform this trick.
  • In the case of iPhone cell phones you can have Voicepop. Download it using this link.
  • While on Android you can use Transcriber for WhatsApp. use this link.
  • Then give it the corresponding permissions to use the microphone and notifications of your WhatsApp.
  • Then click on the audio that was sent to the app.
  • Click on Share and select one of the applications.
  • At that time your WhatsApp audio message will be transcribed into text
  • Later you will see, if the voice note is clear, what that audio said.
  • If there are pronunciation problems or the person is speaking too fast, the text may not be legible.
  • Once you finish, you can already have that audio in text without having to play it on WhatsApp.

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