Trick to avoid reading long messages on WhatsApp

Keep in touch with other contacts in WhatsApp It can be very exhausting, especially if they send us long messages that require several minutes to really know what happened, even worse if what happened is something complicated or that does not attract our attention so much.

If this happens to you, don’t worry, because if you have an iPhone you can request the help of Siri to help you with the problem. Through a voice command, you have the option to ask your virtual assistant to read long WhatsApp messages for you.

While Siri reads these texts, you can take advantage of other things while paying attention to the message they sent you. In that sense, you will save time and it will be much more comfortable for you. How to achieve it? In SPORTS We explain the step by step that you must follow.

How to read long WhatsApp messages with Siri

If you don’t have time to read the long messages that your friends send you on WhatsApp, an easy way to avoid this is to have Siri do it for you while you progress activities.

  • First, unlock your iPhone.
  • After this, activate Siri with the voice command: “Hey Siri”.
  • Then ask: “Do I have new WhatsApp messages?”
  • Siri will reply to you if there is. If yes, you will have to ask him to read the messages of a specific contact.
  • Once this is done, the virtual assistant will start reading the long message you want.
  • You can take this opportunity to advance other things.
  • When Siri finishes, it will ask if you want to reply to that contact.
  • In the event that you wish, then dictate your message and that’s it.

How to customize the notifications of your contacts in WhatsApp

If you want WhatsApp to notify you of a new message from one of your iPhone contacts in the most discreet way possible, we will explain in detail what you should do.

  • First, open the WhatsApp app from your smartphone.
  • Then, enter the “Settings” section.
  • After this, select the “Notifications” option.
  • Go to “Message and group notifications”.
  • In this part, check that the option “Show notifications” is activated.
  • Once this is done, go to “Settings” on the mobile.
  • Select “Notifications” and search for WhatsApp.
  • Here you can choose between three types of notifications: Sounds, Alerts, and Badges.
  • Choose the latter to see only an image or number on the app icon.

In this way, it is possible to know that a particular message has arrived without your friends noticing.

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