Trick to add depth to the iPhone lock screen

iOS 16 has been one of the updates for iphone most valued, this because it has several alternatives to improve the user experience, such as the display of the battery percentage, new emojis and more, but something that has stood out is the customization of the lock screen.

In this sense, you can create your wallpapers in different ways, according to your preferences and it is even possible to add some effects, the most prominent being depth, which consists of blurring the back of an image and making an object stand out, so you can give it a more professional touch.

Therefore, in SPORTS We will tell you in detail how you can apply this option on the lock screen of your iPhone and do not have problems in the process. Pay attention to the directions.

How to blur the background of your iPhone lock screen photo

With iOS 16 came a new feature to overlay the subject of your lock screen image, causing a depth effect, just like some professional photos do. Therefore, we explain how to apply this option.

  • First, add an image to the lock screen on your iPhone.
  • To do this, touch and hold the screen for a few seconds.
  • Immediately, a series of options will open, tap on the “+” icon.
  • After this, you will have to select an image from your gallery to place it as wallpaper.
  • Make sure the photo has a character that stands out so that the depth effect is possible.
  • Adjust the image until you are happy with its size and position.
  • Then, turn on the “Depth Effect” toggle.
  • Save the changes and voila, you will notice how the effect was applied.

You can create several wallpapers with this same effect and alternate them on your iPhone, in this way, you will get much more variety.

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