These are the news of WhatsApp for iPhone in April

WhatsApp it continues to include various functions for the convenience and ease of users. Due to this, it has launched a series of new features that are already available on the iPhone, so that people can already use these features without problems, in addition, the meta app reported upcoming tools that will arrive in a short time.

Although several interesting functions have come to light, they were not available to all devices, therefore, with the recent update in april with your version 23.6.74Finally, many options are already accessible to the majority of iOS users.

To get these news, you just have to enter the App Store and click the “Update” button so you can enjoy the features that WhatsApp launched. then from SPORTS We tell you in detail everything you can find in the app and what its next releases will be.

WhatsApp news in April

WhatsApp has released its latest WhatsApp updates for iPhone, here we explain what they are and what they are about:

  • Although stickers created with a single touch from photos could be done for a few weeks now on iPhones, WhatsApp has now increased the number of iOS devices that will be able to carry out this action.
  • Now it will arrive for all iOS users, the function of creating WhatsApp groups of up to 1024 members, including the person who established the chat.
  • As for group video calls in Windows, WhatsApp will allow up to 8 people to be made and if it is only by voice it will be possible with a maximum of 32 users.
  • You can accept or deny access to a WhatsApp group if you are the one who manages the chat. That is, you will receive a request where you have the ability to choose which users enter this conversation.
  • It will also be possible to know which groups you have in common with a certain contact, through the WhatsApp search engine.

These functions are those that are still in beta, but that will arrive soon:

  • WhatsApp will include 60-second video messages in chats, which cannot be saved or forwarded to other recipients. Although it is still in its beta phase, this feature will be released soon.
  • Regarding security, WhatsApp has confirmed that it is working on three new features: Account Protection, Device Verification and Security Codes.
  • An expiration date can be set in WhatsApp group chats. Likewise, you can choose the duration of these conversations in a personalized way or simply deactivate this option.
  • Another novelty is that the messaging app is developing a way to block individual chats with a password, so you won’t have to do it in the entire application.
  • Regarding the communities, WhatsApp will allow administrators to write in these groups, in addition to displaying what position they have, so the width of the messages will be greater.
  • Finally, WhatsApp will add new text sources, more funds and other details that you can include in the states.

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