The trick to prevent your Android phone from scanning the applications that you are going to download

Viruses in the Google Play Store? It seems illogical to believe that you can infect your smartphone by the aforementioned application store belonging to AndroidHowever, there have already been cases. A few days ago, dozens of published programs containing dangerous “Malware” and “Jocker” viruses were detected, which are capable of stealing your personal and banking information in a matter of seconds.

Cybercriminals discovered a way to circumvent the security filters of Google Play, since a few days ago they detected more than 60 applications infected with the “Goldoson” virus, and although they were quickly removed from the store, the damage was already done, because millions of users had downloaded them and some even still have them installed on their phone. For this reason, the brand Xiaomi added the function of “Scan” programs before they are installed on the computer system.

Many netizens from the Xiaomi community they don’t want apps to be scanned before they are installedThey consider that they waste a lot of time and also trust the services provided by Google, so from Depor we will teach you how to deactivate the “Scan” function.

The steps so that the applications that you are going to download from Google Play are not analyzed

  • First, on your cell phone Xiaomi Look for the app named “Security”.
  • Now, open it and click on the cog or gear that is located in the upper right corner.
  • A series of functions will be displayed.
  • Scroll down and click on the section that says “Security Scan”.
  • Finally, turn off the “Scan before install” switch.
  • Done, access Google Play and download any application, as you can see, it will no longer scan it to check if it has a virus.

Learn what happens when you charge your phone with a “non-original” charger

  • You will notice that after connecting your smartphone Android it will not charge quickly and will stay at the same percentage for several minutes.
  • For it to load normally you would have to turn off the equipment.
  • The screen of your cell phone will turn on at all times because you will receive the following notification 24 hours a day: “USB connector disconnected”.
  • It won’t stop appearing, which also causes excessive battery drain.
  • It is as if they were connecting and disconnecting the charger.
  • That is not the worst, since the warning will continue to appear even if you have formatted the device. In simple words there is no solution.
  • It is estimated that it is a software misconfiguration or that the USB-C port is damaged by the “non-original” charger.

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