The trick to measure objects and people with the camera of your Android phone

The advancement of mobile technology never ceases to amaze us, since currently you can perform many actions with your smartphone instead of some devices, such as: the possibility of paying through a banking application (without using a credit card or debit), set an alarm (without buying an alarm clock), convert the mobile device into a webcam for the computer, etc., however, for this you depend on external programs, something that does not happen with a native tool samsung that accurately measures objects and people.

It’s about the “RA zone” which translated into Spanish would be “Augmented Reality”, which is responsible for the interaction between virtual environments and the physical world, allowing both to intermingle through the camera of a mobile device belonging to the high-end brand of Samsung .

In the referred section you will find the tool that allows you to measure the width and height of any object or person after focusing it with your cell phone camerait is necessary to emphasize that the results are exact, check it using a flexometer.

The guide to measure an object or person with the camera of your Android phone

  • First, open your phone’s camera Android.
  • Now, press the “More” tab that is located at the bottom right.
  • The modes will be displayed. Press the section that says “Zone AR” (top left).
  • Tap on the “Install” button and download the function called “Quick Measurement”.
  • The next step is to open the aforementioned tool.
  • There are two ways to measure objects and people:
  1. the automatic way: Focus the phone’s rear camera on something, but make it fully visible, it will quickly show you the width, height and total area.
  2. the manual way: in the camera you will get a circle with a dot in the middle, place it at the beginning of the object, then, pressing and holding the cross symbol, drag it towards the end of it, so you will obtain the real values.
  • It is necessary to highlight that in the “Settings” of the tool you can change from centimeters to inches or vice versa.

Discover why you should not use lens protectors for your mobile cameras

  • According to information released by the company samsungplacing these accessories would cause serious damage to the original lenses of your device.
  • Because? The South Korean brand points out that when removing the glass protectors you could create cracks in the camera lenses.
  • This would cause your photos to not look good despite having the highest number of megapixels or the best sensor for cameras.
  • In addition, the accumulation of dust would harm the result of the image, even the protector would remain very attached to the lens and you would have to apply more force to remove it.
  • Finally, in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S23 model, the main camera has a small microphone at the bottom, which means that if you put a lens protector you would be lowering the quality of the input audio.

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