The trick to know the exact location of your contacts in WhatsApp

The changes in WhatsApp They arrived slowly, but each year it was worth it because currently the aforementioned fast messaging platform offers you a large number of security and privacy features, such as: sending photos and videos for a single view; group calls of up to 32 participants; hide the “Online” connection, etc.

WhatsApp hides an important function that most people did not know existed, we are talking about the tool that lets you know where your partner, friends or family are in real timeit means that you will access their location at any time.

Before beginning, it is necessary to emphasize that your partner must meet three essential requirements: first, that they take their iOS or Android smartphone anywhere; second, have access to the internet; and third, keep the device’s location active.

The steps to know the location of your contacts with WhatsApp

  • First, check that WhatsApp do not have pending updates.
  • Now, open the app and come up with some excuse for that person to send you their “real time” location.
  • For example: you can tell him that you have ordered something online and that he sends his location in real time to the supposed “supplier”, which would actually be the number of a friend of yours (the user should not know it or have it added).
  • Done, by default, the real-time location marks “one hour”, it is likely that it will not change it, so you will have that time to track the steps of your partner or friend.
  • In case you modify it, the minimum time is 15 minutes.
  • Remember that with the location in real time you will know where a person is going, the mobile will work as a GPS in motion.

What does the number “024” mean in WhatsApp

  • If your partner or your loved one has started sharing strange codes on WhatsApp, here we tell you what it means.
  • Many times users think that it has to do with something really bad, but it is the opposite.
  • Those codes have been shared for the first time on Instagram, but on WhatsApp it has recently been viral.
  • In the case of the number “o24” represents the letter G
  • And it is shared because the challenge is to publish on WhatsApp or Instagram the code that represents the initial letter of the name of your loved one.
  • For example, if someone puts “o24” with the heart emoji on social networks, it means that person loves the other too much.
  • It can be used for names that start with “G” such as “Gabriela”, “Gabriel”, “Grimanesa”, etc.

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