The steps so that they only use an app and do not leave it when you lend your Android mobile

The time has come to feel calm and confident when you lend your smartphone. Surely you store a lot of information on your cell phone with an operating system AndroidIt is something normal nowadays, because here you keep a large number of important applications open, such as: Gmail, WhatsApp, Google Photos, banking apps, etc., so you would not like third parties to review this type of confidential data .

Fortunately, Android has developed an incredible security and privacy tool little known because it is hidden among the settings, we refer to the function “pin windows“, What is it for? It is very useful when your friends ask you to borrow your mobile device, either to make a phone call or check something on the internet, but, surely, their curiosity wins and they enter other personal apps, this option is used to anchor a window, just like that they will be able to use the application they need and it will be impossible for them to exit that program without knowing your security pattern.

Before beginning, it is necessary to highlight that this trick is only compatible with certain brands of cell phones that have the Android 10 operating system or higher versions, which means that you are not going to download anything additional.

The guide to fix any application on the screen of your smartphone

  • First, access the “Settings” of your cell phone, locate it with the icon of a cogwheel or gear.
  • Now, look for and click on the section that says “Biometric data and security”.
  • The next step is to click on the option called “Other security settings”.
  • Scroll down and activate the following switches: “Pin windows” and “Request pattern before unpinning”it is mandatory that you turn on both, especially the latter, otherwise if your friends know the process to unpin they will be able to snoop on the other applications without first asking for your security pattern.
  • Done, all that remains is to fix or pin an app on your screen, so when you lend your phone they will only use that application.
  • Open the app that they will use, for example: “Telephone” (Calls), then touch the digital button of “Multitasking”, you identify it with the icon of the three vertical lines in the navigation bar.
  • All the apps open in the background will be displayed, press once on the icon of the app that you are going to pin and choose the option “Pin this app”.
  • Done, try to exit the program and you won’t be able to.
  • To unpin this app, press and hold the “Multitask” and “Back” buttons at the same time.
  • The smartphone screen will be locked, just put your pattern and everything will be back to normal.

So you can know if you need to change your phone

  • Storage: If your phone has 32 GB of internal storage, it is time to renew the equipment, since the applications of today are heavier than those of several years ago and to be compatible with your old device, they require more benefits. Although the best option would be to purchase a MicroSD card, here you will not be able to store some heavy apps such as: Facebook, Instagram, video games, etc., it will only work for light applications and multimedia files.
  • Battery: As in the previous case, applications and updates to current operating systems generate higher power consumption, for this reason, smartphones are manufactured with 4,000 to 5,000 mAh batteries, something that a cell phone with more than 4 years old. Also, remember that the useful life of a battery is approximately 300 charge cycles, which means that if you have charged your device from 0% to 100% more than 300 times, the battery of your old cell phone will probably run out quickly.
  • years update: all mobiles have a certain number of years of updating, generally they are 4, it means that there will come a time when your device will no longer receive the new versions of Android or their new security patches. Currently, we are on the Android 12 version, if your mobile did not update or even stayed on previous versions, it is time to purchase another device so that you do not fall victim to cybercriminals.
  • RAM: Old cell phones come with 1 or 2 gigabytes of RAM, something very scarce for today’s applications. The aforementioned component allows your mobile to open various applications in the background, if you do so and your computer starts to slow down, it is another indication for you to buy another phone.

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