The reasons not to use lens protectors for the cameras of your Android phone

There is no greater satisfaction than taking a new smartphone out of its box, therefore, when using it, you try to provide it with the necessary care so that it does not fall or receive very strong blows, at least until you buy a case and glass mica or hydrogel for the screen, however, be very careful with the additional accessories that you put on your devices Android, such as lens protectors for rear cameras, why is it not a good idea to buy them? from Depor we will explain it immediately.

It is important that you take care of the cell phone that you are just launching “like gold”, because the aforementioned equipment is not cheap at all and everyone would be annoyed if through an oversight you end up cracking the screen or chipping the body of the equipment on its first day of use.

Did you know that taking care of your phone can also damage it? This is very true even if it is confusing, because nothing would happen with the cover and mica for the touch screen, although we always recommend the hydrogel one, however, avoid adding lens protectors for the cameras of your smartphone, this is very harmful and here We will tell you the reasons.

Discover why you should not use lens protectors for your mobile cameras

  • According to information released by the company samsungplacing these accessories would cause serious damage to the original lenses of your device.
  • Because? The South Korean brand points out that when removing the glass protectors you could create cracks in the camera lenses.
  • This would cause your photos to not look good despite having the highest number of megapixels or the best sensor for cameras.
  • In addition, the accumulation of dust would harm the result of the image, even the protector would remain very attached to the lens and you would have to apply more force to remove it.
  • Finally, in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S23 model, the main camera has a small microphone at the bottom, which means that if you put a lens protector you would be lowering the quality of the input audio.

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