The “paranormal” cases of WhatsApp most remembered to date

WhatsApp It works for everything. You can send messages, videos, photos, voice notes… Practically everything you need to be well connected. However, there are times when things get out of control and the application becomes part of the darkest urban legends on the Internet.

Although there are many stories and rumors about paranormal cases related to WhatsApp, there is no concrete proof that they are real. That does not mean that they are not popular on forums like 4Chan and Reddit. Let’s take a look at the cases that have scared the community for several months.

Some of the most common stories involve receiving messages or calls from unknown or “cursed” numbers, which supposedly cause strange occurrences such as ghostly apparitions or the onset of illnesses. These stories are often untrue and based on superstition and imagination.

Other stories related to WhatsApp involve the use of certain hidden functions or commands, such as the ability to communicate with the “whatsapp spirit” or invoke supernatural entities by sending specific messages. Again, these stories are baseless.

WHATSAPP | The most unusual paranormal cases

“Momo” – An urban legend that went viral in 2018 involving a WhatsApp phone number that allegedly belonged to a person named “Momo”, who sent creepy text messages and disturbing photos to users who communicated with him.

“The Blue Whale Game” – In 2017, news spread that a dangerous game called “The Blue Whale Game” had spread through WhatsApp and other social networks, and was inciting young people to commit violent acts and commit suicide.

“The WhatsApp message of death” – In 2018, it was reported that there was a text message containing special characters which, when sent by WhatsApp, would cause the app to crash and could even cause the phone to crash completely.

“The cursed WhatsApp number” – Some WhatsApp users have claimed that they have received strange and threatening messages from an unknown number beginning with the country code +81 (which corresponds to Japan). The number “080-0444-6666” is said to be particularly disturbing, as it is believed to have caused problems on the phones of users who have added it to their contacts.

“Martinelli’s cursed message” – In 2017, a message circulated on WhatsApp that alerted users to a virus called “Martinelli” that could supposedly access their phone and delete all their information. The message was said to contain a link to download an update to protect against the virus, but in reality, the link was a hoax that installed malware on users’ phones.

It is important to remember that many of these alleged WhatsApp paranormal cases may be the result of hoaxes or fraud, and caution should always be exercised when interacting with unknown messages and contacts online.

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