The guide so that your Android phone does not ask you for a pattern or fingerprint in your house

Every time you buy a new mobile device, you need to add a security mechanism, since this will reinforce the protection of your personal data and private information that you will begin to store on your cell phone with the operating system. Androidsuch as: photographs, videos, text messages, documents, etc.

Currently, smartphones have the following unlock methods: the password, a combination of letters, numbers and symbols; PIN, six-digit password; face unlock; security pattern, consists of drawing a figure with lines; and the fingerprintthe last two that we just mentioned are the most used by Android users.

Being at home is “synonymous” with tranquility and security, there are minimal chances that someone will rob you here, therefore, from Depor we will teach you a simple trick so that you no longer place the security pattern or fingerprint if you are at home . It is not difficult thanks to the “Smart Lock” function, although you should be careful because your family members could check your device if you neglect it.

How to prevent your phone from asking for a pattern or fingerprint in your home

  • First, open the settings of your cell phone Androidyou locate it with the icon of a cogwheel or gear.
  • Now, look for and click on the section that says: “Lock screen”.
  • The next step is to click on the section called “Smart Lock”.
  • Place your security pattern.
  • Three options will be displayed: “Transport detection”, “trusted places”, “Trusted devices”, choose the second one.
  • Place the Google Maps pin in the exact place of your house (blue dot).
  • Finally, click on “Select the location” and add a name to it, for example: “Home”.
  • Done, that would be it. Lock your cell phone and when trying to unlock it, they will no longer ask you for a security pattern or fingerprint.

Things you should not do to take care of the battery of your Android cell phone

  • Prevent your cell phone from completely discharging: According to the information released by the Android Authority technology portal, the ideal would be to keep it between 20% and 80%. Why? because over time the ion cells of the battery are forced and end up degrading, something that would affect its performance.
  • Don’t leave it too long at 0%: There are times when your mobile turns off completely, but there is always a little power left for vital or emergency functions, if you constantly leave it unloaded for days or weeks, it is likely that it will stop working at any moment.
  • Prevent your cell phone from being at high temperatures: stop using it if you feel that your cell phone is overheating, remember that the degradation of the internal components of the batteries is accelerated by heat.
  • Fast charging in moderation: some Xiaomi devices charge their entire battery in 15 minutes, this with a 120W charger, although it is not a negative function if you repeat it daily it could considerably damage the battery.

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