The definitive guide to print multimedia files with your Android phone

The advancement of mobile technology has made smartphones become a kind of minicomputer, for example: on these devices you can use Word, Excel, Power Point, etc., likewise, edit videos or photos and even make impressions Without an internet connection, would you like to know how to print a document with your cell phone? It is something that Depor will explain to you immediately.

You only need to meet three simple requirements: first, that your mobile has the Android 4.4 operating system or higher versions; Second, download the app named “NokoPrint – Mobile printing”, you can get it on Google Play or by clicking on the following link; and third, purchase a USB-OTG adapter with a “type C” input.

It is necessary to highlight that Many printers are now made with Bluetooth connectivity, but older models do not have this feature and this is when you must resort to analog methods, such as the USB connection.

How to print documents with your Android phone

  • First, plug the USB-OTG adapter into your phone Android.
  • Remember that you have to insert the “type C” input into your mobile device and the USB cable from the printer into the OTG input.
  • Now, open “NokoPrint” and grant it all the permissions so that it can operate without problems.
  • Suddenly, four options will be displayed: “Photos and images”, “Documents”, “Web pages” and “Not selected”, click on the latter.
  • Turn on the printer and wait a few seconds for the application to recognize it.
  • The next step is to click on the “USB” button (bottom right) > in the pop-up window click on “OK” > select the model of your printer > and click on “Use generic”.
  • You will be asked to download a driver compatible with the printer, tap on “Continue” so that it is automatically installed on your cell phone.
  • Find and open the file you want to print.
  • Press the first option below and configure the print.
  • Finally, click on “print”.

Remember that in the printing settings you will decide the number of copies you need, likewise, you will also be able to access the options for size and layout of the page, the type of paper, etc. Done, this is how a smartphone can also make prints without depending on a computer or laptop.

The guide to make your Android phone faster

  • Access the “Settings” of your smartphone Android.
  • Activate “Developer mode” by clicking on the “About phone” > “Software information” section.
  • Here you are going to touch several times on the option “Compilation number” to activate the aforementioned mode.
  • Go back to the “Settings” and scroll down, you will see that you have already enabled the developer mode, press it.
  • In this part, look for and activate the “Delete activities” switch, so that you dismiss all the apps in the background when you leave them.
  • The next thing is to click on the “Limit background processes” section, the name may vary depending on the brand of equipment, choose the “Standard limit” option.
  • Finally, go to the “Drawing” section and disable the window animation scales, transition and animator duration.

Voila, this set of settings will make your cell phone Android speed up faster than normal, since you are removing certain animations that will make the processor work less, it is like lowering the graphics of a game installed on a PC so that the equipment can support it.

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