The definitive guide to fix the “Old Messages” error on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp has different versions, but one of the most used is WhatsApp Web, the platform compatible with any browser such as: Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc. In recent months, users of the aforementioned instant messaging application reported that after linking their account in the web version they could not see their full messages, likewise, they indicated that the notice “”Messages before (current date)”, What is the solution for you to see the content of your chats again? It is something that Depor will explain to you immediately.

The WhatsApp Web error appears because now you can access this version without depending on your main phone, it means that the data transfer process will take a little longer to load and it may be buggy. Remember that the “Multi-Device” mode is not yet in the development stage.

The solution is very simple, even the notice itself tells you what you should do, but there are a few steps that are omitted from the message so that it actually loads the full information. Take note and follow the procedure to the letter.

WhatsApp Web’s solution to the “Previous messages” error

  • The full message is as follows:Use WhatsApp on your phone to see messages older than (current or past date)”.
  • In simple words, they are telling you to open your account WhatsApp so that the messages just appear.
  • If you do that and the content is automatically displayed, good for you, you’ve just fixed this issue.
  • But, if this procedure did not work, go to WhatsApp Web.
  • Now, on your phone, enter the chat where the messages do not appear.
  • Refreshes the page of the web version (without blocking the mobile or leaving the app).
  • Finally, the messages will have been reset.

What does the emoji that explodes his head mean in WhatsApp

  • This emoji has a rather strange shape, since the emoticon that explodes its head has several meanings.
  • It is for that same reason that if someone sends it to you on WhatsApp, its interpretation will depend on the context.
  • In English it is known as Exploding Head
  • According to Emojipedia, this emoji expresses that something seems amazing to him.
  • It can also represent emotions such as shock.
  • In other cases it has the meaning of astonishment and disbelief.
  • You can even express that there is something that you thought was the best and that your expression shows how amazing it is.

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