The best Android apps for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is the process of creating and managing a new business in order to obtain economic and/or social benefits. This implies the identification of a business opportunity, the elaboration of a plan for its execution and the taking of measures to carry it out. And for all this you need the best tools on your phone Android.

“Mobile apps are an integral part of modern business life. With the help of these tools, more than 92% of entrepreneurs have been able to save up to 20% of costs, according to the Lima Chamber of Commerce. Likewise, thanks to a smartphone, they can manage their operations, increase productivity and improve the quality of customer service”detailed Gabriel Dávalos, OPPO Peru Master Trainer.

ANDROID | The best apps for entrepreneurs

Within the app stores of Android they can be found from project management tools to accounting applications, which can help manage operations efficiently and effectively. Therefore, within the framework of World Entrepreneurship Day, OPPO experts share some of the most important applications for an SME or personal business to make a difference:

Trello: project management tool that allows you to organize tasks, assign responsibilities, set deadlines and track project progress.

QuickBooks: Accounting application to keep track of business finances and expenses, as well as generate financial reports and tax returns.

slack: Team communication platform that facilitates communication between company members and task management.

hubspot: Marketing software that helps increase sales, attract customers, and track customer interactions.

canvas: design tool to create different publication templates that will go to the different social networks of the business.

Using these tools and many others available today, a business can be given a significant boost in terms of efficiency, productivity, and growth.

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