So you can send a message on WhatsApp without opening the app

WhatsApp It is one of the most recognized apps among users, so it is increasingly common to be aware of the app to communicate with our friends, family and other contacts; however, we are not always available to hold the mobile and start talking.

In this situation, it should be noted that there is a simple way to send WhatsApp messages without having to open the app or even touch our smartphone, so it is a very practical measure to get us out of trouble.

If you have an iPhone, we explain that you can use Siri, your virtual assistant, to do these tasks for you. In this way, you will not only save time, but it will be more convenient for you if you cannot open the app. then in SPORTS We share a guide with the steps to follow.

How to send a message on WhatsApp without opening the app

If you want to communicate with someone through WhatsApp, but want to save yourself the time of typing some text, you can achieve it through Siri. Here we share a guide with the steps to follow.

  • First, you have to call Siri, you can say the following voice command: “Hey Siri”.
  • Once it is activated, ask him to send a message on WhatsApp.
  • After this, Siri will ask you who you want to send it to.
  • Immediately tell Siri the name of the contact.
  • Then Siri will ask you for the content of the message.
  • Carefully dictate the message you want and you will notice the message that Siri will compose for you.
  • After this you will have to confirm to Siri that the message is really good.
  • Finally, you can press the “Send” button or ask Siri to do it.

Although we have applied this trick to WhatsApp, it is also available for other applications such as Messages and Telegram. Also, if you have an Android cell phone, you can do the same with the Google assistant.

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