So you can know what they told you in a WhatsApp audio without listening to it

One of the fastest ways to communicate in WhatsApp it is through voice messages, since you only need to press a button and say your message; however, listening to these audios is not always the best option if you are away from home.

Either because of the noise on the street or because the content of the message is very personal, it is not an ideal alternative to play the voice note if you are not wearing headphones. But what if you need to respond and find out what they told you? You should not be alarmed, this because there is a way to know this information.

Through an app, you can convert WhatsApp audio to text in a matter of seconds, in this way, you can read the entire story without problems and respond to that contact without problems. To achieve this, in SPORTS We share a guide with all the details to follow. Pay attention.

So you can convert an audio to text in WhatsApp

If you can’t listen to a WhatsApp voice note at a specific time, you can switch it to text and thus know what the message they sent you is about. We explain how to do it from an iPhone.

  • First, open the App Store on your smartphone.
  • In the search engine, put Voicepop – Turn Voice To Text or click on this link.
  • Select the application and tap on the “Download” button.
  • Once it finishes installing on your iPhone, open WhatsApp.
  • Now, access the chat where the audio was sent to you and hold it down.
  • After this, choose the “Share” option.
  • A small menu will appear with several alternatives.
  • You must click on Voicepop.
  • In moments, you will see a floating window with the description of the voice note you selected.

With this trick, it will no longer be necessary to play the voice note that was sent to you on WhatsApp and thus you can know its content in just a few moments.

How to activate temporary messages in WhatsApp

An option that gives you more privacy when chatting with a WhatsApp contact from your iPhone is activating temporary messages. To do this, we will explain the steps to follow:

  • First, open the WhatsApp app from your iPhone.
  • After this, tap on the name of the contact.
  • Then, click on the “Temporary messages” option.
  • Among the alternatives, click on “Continue”.
  • Here, you can choose between the times you want: 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days.
  • Select the one you prefer and you’re done.

From this moment on, every time you communicate with that specific contact, the message will be deleted, and the other person will not be able to take screenshots or copy the text you sent.

Did you like this new information about WhatsApp? Did you learn a useful trick? This application is full of ‘secrets’, codes, shortcuts and new tools that you can keep trying and you will only need to enter the following link for more notes WhatsApp in Depor, and that’s it. What are you waiting for?

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