So you can avoid a WhatsApp contact without blocking it

One of the biggest problems you can find in WhatsApp is having to deal with certain contacts. Although the app offers the option to block them, we are not always willing to do so to avoid inconvenience with the person, especially if we have to see them on some occasions.

Given this, within the Meta app itself, it is possible to carry out some configurations so that you no longer see the messages of those contacts with whom you no longer want to talk, so it is not necessary to download any external program and that could put into endanger the security of your mobile device.

For this reason, in SPORTS We share two ways that you can achieve this goal: mute the contact and archive the chat forever. With these settings, you will ensure that you do not receive more notifications from this chat and without having to block it from WhatsApp.

How to avoid a WhatsApp contact without blocking it

If you find it very uncomfortable to start a conversation with a contact, don’t worry, we explain how to avoid it without having to block them indefinitely.

  • First, you’ll need to mute the contact.
  • To do this, enter the “Chats” section of WhatsApp.
  • Then, find the chat you want to mute.
  • Touch and hold the chat until a menu appears.
  • Among the options, tap on the crossed out speaker.
  • After this, select the alternative “forever”.
  • Immediately uncheck the “show notifications” box.
  • Once this is done, you will have to archive the chat.
  • Press and hold the chat until a series of options pops up.
  • Choose “Archive chat”.
  • You can also choose to “keep chats archived” so it never shows up in your normal chats again.

In this way, you will not communicate with this contact again no matter how many messages they send you, since they will not appear to you, unless you specifically enter the conversation and go to the archived chats section.

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