Smart Mobility: how you can control your car remotely from your cell phone

There is no doubt that the technology It is becoming increasingly relevant in the automotive world as new connectivity features are incorporated that provide greater benefits when driving.

According to the study Global Automotive Consumer Study From Deloitte, among the technological features that customers value most when choosing a vehicle are safety, connectivity and improvements in on-board navigation.

Can you imagine being able to start the engine of your car remotely so that the oil does not get muddy or open the car doors for a family member to enter, without the need for you to be present? Chevrolet is taking the concept of the connected car to the next level through its onstar technology, its exclusive platform focused on security, emergency and connectivity; and that through the application my chevrolet appallows users to access greater benefits in security, connectivity and remote commands.

With my chevrolet app the driver has access to different services and relevant information to help him travel safely. Thus, you can perform a vehicle health diagnosis with a single click, since it allows you to check important vehicle details, such as fuel level, tire pressure and oil life. It can even alert if there is a failure in the engine, brakes, airbags or other vital vehicle system so that the driver can take their precautions.

In addition, the app has the functionality of “Smart Driver”, a service that provides detailed information on driving style. Reports include the number of hard braking and hard acceleration events, plus tips to help improve driving skills, promoting efficiency and responsibility behind the wheel.

Another of the points that users value most when purchasing a vehicle is access to connectivity and the possibility of having a comprehensive entertainment system thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi. “This function has become a fundamental element to satisfy the needs of users. Through OnStar, customers have access to the vehicle’s native Wi-Fi Hotspot, with 12 times greater reception than their cell phones and the ability to simultaneously connect up to seven devices at the same time.”says Marco Kohatsu, general manager of General Motors Peru.

remote command functions

my chevrolet app Take the user experience to a higher level thanks to remote command functions such as turning your car on and off from your cell phone or from a smartwatch, as well as turning on the lights, opening and closing doors or sounding the horn.

“You can also see the real-time location of the vehicle from the app. Imagine being in another country and being able to open your car in Peru because a relative needs to access the vehicle, or just want to know if your vehicle is parked where you left it, all this and more from your cell phone. Without a doubt, the connected services offered by OnStar mark a higher level in the automotive sector. With this, Chevrolet wants to offer customers greater safety and a better driving experience, contributing to its vision of a world with zero accidents, zero emissions and zero congestion.”Kohatsu finishes.

the app my chevrolet is compatible and available for phones with Android operating systems from Android 9.0 or higher and iOS from iOS 14.0 or higher, and can be downloaded at AppStore and Play Store.

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