Sierra Turkey Sandwich Recipe from Panera Bread

Ingredient Substitution

The main secret of the Sierra Panera Bread Turkey Sandwich is that you should only use fresh ingredients, since that is what gives it its authentic flavor.

However, if you want to deviate a bit from the original recipe, the Bocadillo de Pavo Sierra will still be a mouth-watering meal.

You can add some of your favorite pickled chunks, or cut down on ingredients with cholesterol.

Still, keep these substitutes in mind that will make the Bocadillo de Pavo Sierra even healthier.

ciabatta bread cut into slices on a board


Ciabatta is a perfect substitute for focaccia, originally from Italy.

It’s also low in calories, with just 52 calories in a medium slice.

Unlike focaccia, however, ciabatta is not rich in flavor, as it mainly contains water, salt, yeast, and whole wheat flour.

So it’s better to spice it up a bit with some herbs before baking it for 12-15 minutes.

This way you will get richer flavors.

pork ham

Pork ham and turkey ham? Both are basically ham.

So they certainly share some similarities that make them ideal substitutes for each other.

Both are smoky and rich in flavor, especially when made with the same spices.

Pork ham gives you a bit of heat, spice, and some richness from the fat, which obviously won’t fit into a low-calorie sandwich.

But you should try both and see how it works.

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